What is Unstoppable?

Our primary goal is to see 100% engagement of all people at Crossroads to increase our dependence and trust in Jesus in the area of generosity and faith.

A rhino is one of the most powerful animals on earth. It is upwards of 10 feet long, weighs over 1,500 pounds, and can run 30-plus miles an hour! However, the real power is when they work together. A pack of rhinos is known as a crash! Pretty cool, right?! And it fits them perfectly because nothing will stop a group of 1,500-pound rhinos going 30 miles an hour while only seeing 20 feet in front of them! They are literally Unstoppable

This should be exactly what the local church should look like. We should be a group of men, women, children, teenagers, young adults, and anything in between, so on mission that we are Unstoppable for Jesus. And as Job says about God in Job 42:2: “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.” This is why it’s time for Crossroads to rally together and be an Unstoppable church for Jesus.

In our time, there has never been more urgency for those who love Jesus to impact the world. As brokenness creeps in all around, it’s the light of Jesus that can pierce through any darkness and set the captives free. This is why Unstoppable is so important for us as a church: to go beyond our comfort zone to reach the one, unleash our future, and navigate life together for Jesus. Join us in an adventure unlike anything we’ve ever been on and see how Unstoppable the church can be when we all work together.    

Pastor Brian Hunt

Our secondary goal is to raise $15 million over two years as we continue to lead every one to discover Jesus and follow Him fully.

As we embark on this Unstoppable journey together, it will require that we all deepen our dependence on Jesus. After all, to lead every “ONE” to discover Jesus and follow Him fully is a monumental task! We can only do this by working together to create a crash that not even the gates of hell can stop. But with God leading the way, we have nothing to fear (Ephesians 3:20-21), so together, we can RUN towards God’s Unstoppable plan. 

To reach every ONE, we will continue moving the ministry forward with our general ministry budget over the next two years – though it is anything BUT general! Through an expanded budget, we seek to launch our first multicampus location as we continue to share the love of Jesus with the communities around us. In addition, we will update the current space at our Manteca Campus so that we can continue to reach every ONE that comes through our doors, no matter what campus they attend.

We will look to reduce— if not eliminate— the current debt, which will allow our future to be free and to reach more ONEs for Jesus. We want to eliminate our debt so that we will no longer be a slave to the lender and, instead, be financially free to have a greater impact for God’s kingdom.

We will help individuals, families, couples, and children hurting in our community by building the Crossroads Counseling Center. This center will focus on helping to heal people in our community in their most difficult times by having a Christ-centered approach to therapy.