Unstoppable Growth Groups

We are excited that all our Growth Groups are on the Unstoppable Sermon Series journey together. We pray this journey will help us to grow like never before as we explore what it means to have an unstoppable faith!

Growth Groups After Unstoppable

What’s next for your growth group? Will they stay together to continue with the next sermon series?

If your group wants to stay together and continue meeting each week, that would be great! Your group can continue as a sermon series group or choose from a selection of Bible studies through Right Now Media HERE. For groups continuing to meet as a sermon series group, discussion questions (no video) will be provided to coincide with the weekly message online HERE.

Upcoming Sermon Series Groups

  • “Arguing with God” | March 7-31 | This series will answer the five questions of a skeptic and see how we can doubt and yet still believe.
  • “David: Finding The Heart of a King” | April 4-May 5 | We will see the failures of a man who once stood for all that was good and noble and the repentance that brought him back to God.

Growth Group Teaching Videos

Unstoppable Group Week 1 Video

Unstoppable Group Week 2 Video

Unstoppable Group Week 3 Video

Unstoppable Group Week 4 Video

Unstoppable Group Week 5 Video